OK so I've got like 4 or 5 draft posts sitting around that are just link cleanups from the Firefox tabs. Shameful that there hasn't been a Thursday post in that long. I'd like to go on my diatribe about the first week in Chicago right about now (I just settled into the couch after my very long commute home), but that's going to have to wait til tomorrow - the massive amount of links simply demand to be published. I can't argue with that.

Searchmash is actually a Google venture but they don't want anyone to know. Someone let word get out, although I think it was around and serving their purposes for a while before the word finally spread. Its basically a proving ground for some of their new ideas. Cool stuff, what with the expandable wiki link results and so forth.

I rarely ride my bike on the streets of Manhattan because its downright dangerous. Strangely, this is the same reason I really love skating on my brake-less half-pipe blades in the city. I can sympathize with these guys.

Day late and a dollar short on this one, but its still a cool idear.

Briefly entertained the idea of going in on a ski share at the Killington Haus, but seeing as I won't be sleeping in my own bed from roughly mid-December to mid-January, its probably not the fiscally prudent idear.

Forbes Fictional 15 Richest. I like that Lucius Malfoy is on there.

Cool idea, if I ever traveled for not-work anymore.

Ok I saw a recent issue of Adbusters in the checkout line at Whole Foods on Monday night, and although this magazine was an appalling NINE FREAKIN DOLLARS I simply couldn't resist buying it after seeing the cover, back cover and the first page I flipped to inside. These guys are awesome. They have op-eds from people like Tom Green to some reader who clipped a picture out of another mag of a toddler girl in Prada heels and a string of pearls and whatnot..."I found this ad in W magazine. It immediately caught my attention in a terrible way. The young girl is pictured among expensive shoes and handbags...she wears diamond earrings and her teddy bear lies neglected on the floor." And that was it - their page on Toxic Culture. Can't wait to read this tomorrow.

I haven't read it yet because the few minutes I've had this week have gone to Metal Men, which is simply intriguing and fascinating as all heck, even though I'm only half-way through it. Its the story of the multi-billion-dollar financier who started in metals trading, defrauded the US (and scores of other countries) of millions (perhaps billions) of tax dollars, flooded millions of US dollars to Iran in the 70s-80s, basically single-handedly creating the spot-market for oil speculation, and did a lot of other Very Bad Things. He still lives in Switzerland despite the fact that Clinton pardoned him on his last day in office, because acceptance of a presidential pardon generally implies an admission of guilt.

My admission of guilt is that this is only the first draft post of links I had saved, and I'm too lazy to do the rest right now. Maybe a double-up tomorrow, more likely just my initial impressions of Walgreen's (heretofore WAG - their NYSE symbol).

More likely nothing, but hopefully somewhere in between.

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