I see dead turkeys. They're everywhere. Walking around like real turkeys...

OK, not so much. Especially not in Washington. When will an American president finally be a real man and condemn that turkey to its horrible carnivorous fate?

These are the thoughts that plague me.

I'm listening to the rain on my skylight. I love that sound. If it rains a little harder, I can hear it on the roof, which is even better because there's no skylight in my bedroom. Something about the rain on the roof - living without that sound is what makes the prospect of about 95% of Manhattan apartments unattractive to me.

I don't know why I love rain so much. I always have. Really, precipitation in general - I mean snow, I go giddy-child-stupid for that stuff, love wouldn't even begin to do it justice. Snow is just a part of who I am. But rain, I just love. Its like the next best thing. Especially a good thunderstorm. Everyone always asks what it is you would run back for if you could grab one more thing as your residence burned to the ground. Me, I'd grab my hard drives. But the second thing would be my raincoat - I love my raincoat not because its a great raincoat, but more because I've had so many great times in the rain with it. Then my hard drives would be dry, too.

Snow falling doesn't really have a sound. It has, rather, a distinct absence of sound, perhaps the complete absence when you're in the right location. Another reason to more than love it.

As ever, my thoughts - rambling and unimpressive.

So the week was work from home - wrapping up a bunch of training stuff before the magic starts again in Chicago next week. If I haven't mentioned it, I'll be there with Walgreen's for the foreseeable future. Oh and Monday I saw my ortho for the pain I've been having in the upper left thigh. Its either a stress fracture to my femur or a muscle tear, the MRI next Friday will tell us. Either way, its likely due to the running 40-50 miles a week thing, he said anything above 25 miles a week puts you in a whole new category for these things.

And then today I went with some Redeemer folk to serve at a soup kitchen in Brooklyn for the early afternoon, and then it was off to Dave's for dinner with his family and a bunch of other folk. Probably the best Thanksgiving food I've had outside of mom and Mossy's - you just can't beat your own maternal seasonings when it comes to holiday foods. But it was great - good food, good times, lots of beating Jonathan at his own video games, trying to protect yourself from Mike's groin shots, and taunting Dave for his inability to draft a good fantasy team and his poor liquor pricing speculations. I like their place, its one of the most completely comfortable places that I've found in this city - I guess because it reminds me of home in a lot of ways.

Tomorrow and Saturday are wrapping up the work/life stuff I still need to get done before the traveling starts. And then the traveling starts.

As ever, I have much to be thankful for.

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