Well there's been a lot going on but nothing I've felt particularly inspired to write about. Or I guess I should say some of them are things I can't really write about yet. Most of you who communicate with me through other mediums are pretty much up to date.

Let's just say a lot about my life is kind of up in the air right now. It will be interesting to see where I am (life-wise) by the start of next year. Its not a bad spot and I'm not complaining about things. Life is good right now.

This last weekend was Young Life camp - the junior highers go as campers and we take the senior highers to do work-crew. Amber fought valiantly to get us indoor work crew - serving and bussing the tables in the cafeteria. It's a lot of work and then you're chasing high schoolers around all night, but it's a lot of fun too.

I'm going to try to start writing more regularly. I've got a few pieces I've been sitting on which still need touch-up, but long story short I need to be exercising the brain again.

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