I'm back in the US. Need to catch up on blogging. In store - hopefully in the near future:

A) A wrap-up on my project and Ghana - plus pictures from the slave castles on the coast there.

B) A recap of my Kilimanjaro climb.

C) A recap of the week at the TAOST school in Jinja with the youth group.

D) Other stuff...like what might be up next. And stuff.

I have a few topics I'd like to hammer out some thoughts on too but I can't really remember any of them at the moment. Maybe they'll come back to me tomorrow.

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Nic said...

Hello again! Thanks for dropping by my blog - it reminded me how slack I've been ever since moving to Belfast about keeping up with it (and others' blogs too).

Now I'm going to have fun catching up on your posts (and perhaps becoming nervous about heading to Africa... although it's more middle east where I'm going).