Last week was all work, wrapping up interviews with WV's Area Development Programs, for the most part. Tuesday Lewis and I flew up to Tamale, the northernmost city one can fly to within Ghana, and had some meetings there at the Ghana Rural Water Programs office. That afternoon we drove up even further north to Bongo, a rural area that was seriously affected by the floods last year. We met with the ADP team there for the afternoon and then drove back to Tamale. Bongo's only 20km south of the border with Burkina Faso, but this trip was all work, so no time to see that country.

We got a late start coming back and so as we got closer to Tamale it was getting pretty dark. That's a problem, because the sheep / goats / cattle roaming about like to sit on the pavement because its still warm from the sun. Sure enough, our driver's going a little too fast to slow down in time when a couple of goats are crossing the road and...the Landcruiser won that one I guess.

The next morning we were back to Accra, and in the office again. Thursday we headed out to an ADP within driving distance of the city - Dmange.

Friday I presented my findings to WV Ghana's Senior Management Team and then mitigated the response - which for the most part was pretty good. Spent the afternoon getting to the only Shoprite in Ghana and back, traffic here is nightmarish - 2 hours to go 10kms.

Was going to go to Togo yesterday but the driver couldn't do it. Worked instead, and some today too. Thought I might go to Togo tomorrow but by now I'm thinking its not really worth the money, which I need to be saving for the Kili trip anyway. Ghana's kind of the go-to place in western Africa - Accra gets flooded every weekend with people from as far as Nigeria, as well as a few of the other surrounding countries here. Which makes me a little apprehensive about what the *other* countries are like.

I leave for Nairobi on Wednesday night and get in Thursday morning. 2 more days of work at the Africa regional office and then the project is over and I'm off for Kili. Probably won't be much blogging for those two weeks.

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