In Ghana now.

Decided this morning that I'm not going to let myself have dinner unless I've blogged already. Every day in Ghana, or at least every day I have internet access, that's the goal.

I got in yesterady (and didn't blog, yeah, I noticed). Toffa met me at the airport. I left a bag with a copper print I had bought in Zambia in the car that took me to the airport, and of course the guy couldn't find it when I emailed the agency in the afternoon. Anyway - at least it wasn't the camera. I bought my third one in the Joburg airport Monday night and am determined to keep this one til I get back to the US.

Toffa dropped me off at the lodge I'm staying at, which has aircon and internet so its pretty much clutch. I guessed the time zone wrong so I was up an hour early and ready to go and when I SMS'd Toffa he called me back laughing. So I hung out for an hour and then we headed into the office. Met with Toffa and Lewis, then the National Director, then the Procurement team. Also had a good call with Jen and Don, who are starting a project with Save the Children, also focused on Supply Chain. Jen and I worked together at the Postal hell project, so she's good people.

Picked up some groceries on the way back to the lodge, then this evening I walked a couple kms to the closest take-out place. I should have looked inside before walking home with it, if I had I would have bought 2 of em. Its a meager leg of chicken and some limp fries. Oh well.

Not a lot of people like me here - even less than in Zambia. We're called "obrani," here, for a change. Feels pretty lonely.

I'm tired.

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