Well, yeah. I've been back for what, about a month now, and no blogging. Eh.

I've been busy mostly and then also not very much at other times. Here's the short recap:

Week 1 - spent some time back in CA with the folks. Flew out to NY and started the apartment search with Dave. Found / settled on a place.

Week 2 - worked out all the details on the place. Went to the office, got some training done. Stayed at Dave's family's place until the moving started at the end of that week.

Week 3 - continued the moving in / unpacking process. Had the super over a lot to fix up a bunch of stuff but the good news is that they're pretty darn responsive, which is rad. Celebrated Dave's 30th in a few various scenarios (Jen's apartment, Lugers, a bar on the east side, etc.).

Week 4 - went to Chicago for training all week. Started running again (first time since Africa). Had good karma in O'Hare for the first time in my life and caught a standby seat on the earlier flight coming home.

Week 5 - not sure what I did last week really besides finish the unpacking / cleaning finally, find out that I'm probably headed back to Africa for work for the summer, run some more, and then hurt my stupid foot so that now I'm probably out for a week or so. Then we came up to Jen's dad's lakehouse just south of the NY border, which is where I am sleeplessly typing from at the moment.

I'm getting settled back into the pace of things here and the culture shock isn't so bad as it initially was but its still noticeable. I'm actually kind of looking forward of going back to the simplicity of Africa for a bit, where you order whatever it is that they happen to have for dinner that night, rather than having to decide from the endless options, and the specials. Etc.

I still need to do my taxes, fight my parking ticket, pay my bills, change my address for everything, clean up my work email and wipe out one of the full drives on the laptop and then back it up, and a host of other administratia, plus Dave and I are having our housewarming party next weekend. So it should be a busy while before I take off again, from the looks of it. Good news is that this latest bit of work back in the dark continent should afford me the chance to climb Kili this August, and perhaps meet up with the youth group in Uganda for their missions trip there after that. Still have to hammer all of that down - another item on the to-do list.

Right now, however, I'm tired, so I think I'll stare at the ceiling for a while. Am I the only person on the planet who doesn't love the movie Juno?


Anonymous said...

too bad you didn't see it BEFORE you heard about it from everybody else

gwyneth said...

maybe i should send you a special, decorative bedside urn for a housewarming gift.