In Mauritius.

Uganda was incredible and I'm working on typing up my notes from it. Produced a lot of good stuff.

Surfing during the day and sleeping a lot, for a change, during the night. After about a month of < 4 hours a night, this is a blessing.

Not much easy access to internet here so blogging will probably remain delayed until I return to ZA on Saturday.

Also, it occured to me today as I was sitting on my surfboard off the coast, over some low-surf coral, completely alone, that should something happen to me there wouldn't be many people come looking in a hurry. The thought that kicked off this one was remembering Brian when he took his few weeks of travel by himself at the end of his project - I'd get random text messages telling me where he was and if I didn't hear from him by EOD to alert the authorities. I haven't been doing that with anyone - but then there's not really anyone here to do it with. The surfing (et. al.) here is pretty remote, there simply aren't a lot of people around here, and I'm spending pretty much the whole week playing in the ocean, in some form or another.

So, if people aren't hearing from me by next week, start looking in Flic en Flac. Hotel Manisa.

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cmh said...

I started reading Flyboys a while back...very interesting take on imperialism and how it changed Japan and America.