Two weeks just like that.

Slipping, I am just plain slipping.

Let's see if we can remember some of it real quick...

Today was church and youth group and then some reading on the deck in the sun (picked up a big thick Cosa Nostra history called "Five Families"). But, I woke up in Fairfax, VA this morning - early, and then set a land speed record from Jack and Rebecca and Gretta's place to mine, caught a shower, and then couldn't find parking so I missed most of the service when I finally got into the city - argh.

Had a brand new red Mustang with a big ol engine and how I'm not in jail after this morning is proof of the grace of God. Speaking of Grace, I drove down yesterday afternoon to surprise her at her birthday party, so that was good times with old faces.

Friday night I went to a Wheaton Alumni event at the Harvard Club where Dr. Jerry Root - one of the leading scholars on C.S. Lewis - spoke. I was in attendance at the behest of my grandparents who a) both went to Wheaton and b) are good friends of Root as they used to attend his church in Santa Barbara. He was a really nice guy and very eager to talk with me when he heard who I was. Headed out to Karma with the Daves and Chrissy and Jen and some of her friends, and I will never step foot in that bar again ever (hint: fumes).

Before that was another insane week at work.

Before that was last weekend, when I was...sick for the 4th time this year. Freakin travel and airplanes and whatnot. So that was a bust.

Before that was another insane week at work.

And before that was Easter, when I last wrote.

This next week should be another insane week at work. Funny how they keep happening like that. Gives me precious little time to sleep or read or work out or enjoy being alive.

But Robbie is in Chi-town for a wedding so I'll have dinner with her tomorrow, that will be fun.

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Hawthorne said...

Been thinking of you. Ya know, Tony bought an 07 Mustang last fall and he keeps talking of his plans for modifying it. To which I can't help but respond, "IT ALREADY GOES FAST!" lol How fast does it really need to go to get him to work? ;-)
You don't ever slow down, do you?
Btw, I'm originally from Farifax Co. (Herndon specifically), don't know if you knew that.