Tab emptying time.

Lessons from the Center for Collective Intelligence

Cool Street Art.

Google Patents.

A quick look at how behind the tech-times our government is.

Interesting WW2 strategy reading.

Mozart is now free on the internet. All of it, apparently.

Co-youth leader Peggy started this company, please buy her soaps.

CB2 is Crate and Barrel's answer to Ikea. I have to say the marketing strategy is straightforward and interesting.

Swivel would be a lot cooler if I wasn't colorblind.

Dreamhost has cool flash tools.

This could be useful but I'm kinda wary about it.

Strange Soviet buildings.

Have my sights set on my next NYC burger experience.

is another of the many wonderful reasons that God saw fit to give us internet.

Specialized's Christmas card, performed entirely on bike parts. Formerly here.

Punished accordingly, I'm sure.

Time's 2006 photos of the year.

JibJab's year in review
(slight off-color humor warning).

(Tuesday links because I don't have time to write and this post has been sitting around for a week or so. Probably more links soon.)

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