Well I blogged through last weekend and so didn't have much to blog about on Monday, and then it was Tuesday and all of a sudden its Sunday night.

Started working on Wednesday of last week, Friday morning I went to work and by the end of the day I could barely breath, my throat was so swollen. So, I had to get that taken care of. Saturday I didn't go in, but I did get over to Matt's in the afternoon after I woke up and ganked a Zithromax off him - they have a powder-in-a-bottle version now that you just add water to and guzzle. Then I came home, had another gallon of soup, and crashed again.

Today was church - for our commissioning for the missions team, then right back to work. Had a good conversation with the manager I'm actually enjoying working with, because he's cool. Might end up staying on this project and taking on a manager role, if nothing comes up in retail.

Going to work tomorrow and Tuesday, maybe a bit of Wednesday too, then I think I'm going to hit the beach for a day or two before we take off for New Orleans.

This week - a half-decent links post and the *original* Snakes on a Plane story (long story short - I had this idea years ago).

P.S. Football is in the air. Hall of fame game. Eagles and Raiders - I couldn't possibly care less, but I do hear Madden's voice and men hitting each other at high speeds in the background, and that makes me happy. Fall's coming. Joy.

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83princess said...

I appreciate the fact that you posted trees in the middle of Fall. We don't get those kind of seasons down here in TX and I miss the colors!
Thank you!
Hope you have a good week.