I feel so odd when I go out.

Maybe its where I'm going out - New York City and Miami for the most part.

Its just not my scene. Tonight I saw literally hundreds of beautiful women, and thousands of dollars of alcohol being consumed. People dressed, looking, acting, dancing, and in every other respect basically being about as cool as humanity can define the term.

I sat there, dressed well, looking and acting the part, trying to be as cool as possible...for what?

Its clear what most of the guys are there for. But I'm not looking to take a girl home at the end of the night. That quality sadly does nothing to separate me from the rest of the crowd. Its clear what most of the girls are there for too, and I'm not one who's there to go out of my way to provide them with the attention they're looking for. Which does serve to separate me to some degree, but not really a positive one...more of an aloof one.

What I wonder is why don't Christians go out? Am I limited to meeting them at church? Isn't that a place I should go to worship, not meet women? Why aren't there places where I can go out, have a good time, dance, have a drink, laugh with my friends...but not have an alternate agenda AND not be concerned that the other 99% of the people there have one either?

Why is it so freaking hard to find someone who sees the world the way you do? Am I really that far outside the norms?


Jennifer said...

Haven't we had this discussion before?

thesciencegirl said...

How do you know there aren't Christian women out there, sitting in the same bar as you, wondering where the Christian guys are? I suppose some things are obvious based on one's appearance and behavior, but if you go to a bar or club and assume that every woman there is only out for sex, and lacks Christian morals just by their being there... well, aren't you being just a tad hypocritical?

Number One said...

A lot of people leave a lot of themselves at the door when they go to places like that. It's possible to be 'christian' and also have a good time at a club surrounded by fakes, party animals, and teases. It's not as if you give up a part of yourself when you allow yourself to have some good ol' fashioned fun with a bunch of hoo-hahs. :)

Dawn said...

Well, let's see: you were at a bar the other night with at least two other Christians (myself and Rich, the skinny Asian guy) and a bunch of swing/blues dancers there to just have fun, listen to some live music, and dance with each other, no other agenda... I'd say you found exactly what you were complaining about not seeing. So now all you have to do is learn to dance. :-) Though to be fair, there aren't a ton of Christians in the lindy hop scene.

It was good having you here, BTW--I'm sorry I wasn't able to hang out more.