Well, we haven't had some links in a while, so why not a vacation-special. Off and running...

Listing Square is NYC specific (at least from my first perusal) but it looks like a step-up on CraigsList for finding a good place sans-realtor fee.

Top 100 Vin Diesel Facts. (serious language warning, also serious laugh your butt off warning) (Chuck Norris is so 2005)

If you didn't catch it already, Google Calendar is live. Here's how to import your Outlook calendar.

Taco Bell Champion! I would vote for this guy for city council, hands down. Even if he hasn't seen the light of Crunchwrap.

You probably saw the email at some point with the pictures of that crazy street art stuff - here's his website.

This Ask Mefi question
was a great one and got a TON of response, including my own. And in case you miss the great link in there, here's how NYC sees the rest of America.

Haven't linked to a decent photoblogg in a while.

This picture was made with Photoshop. In 2000 hours. Wow.

More Google goodness - now those "related links" you see above your Gmail can be integrated to your own site.

Not sure if I ever linked to this fabulous Times article but here it is.

And we've finally cleaned up my 15 or so open tabs. That's what I do - I leave the good stuff open in tabs to some day be accumulated into a linky blog post. Sometimes FF freaks and I lose my session before I can post everything - probably happened twice to me since the last link post, oh well.

Update...I'm in the safe, warm, enclave that is Panera. This one's near the 'rent's place in Cali. Mom found my blog (hi mom, like you'll ever actually read this thing) recently, by the way. Thanks, Margy. She said you showed her your "nursing journal blog." Cha, right. Its only by the grace of God and the fact that I am the ultimate awesome older brother that I am not posting a huge HEY MOM THIS IS MARGY'S REAL BLOG LINK. She knows its out there, so your days are numbered, especially with all the linking you do to kids from the church back home here. Bad idea. I hear there's a dad in the church who religiously follows all the kids blogs and makes reports to all the parents. You're toast.

Anyway, youngest brother and I went skiing yesterday, my first and last day of the season in this hemisphere (still hoping to make Chile happen in August). We took today off because a potential rain storm was moving in. Too bad I didn't get here a couple days sooner.

Tomorrow, who knows what. Sunday is church day with the family. I have to endure an evening service. Not entirely restful for me - the pastoral prayers usually stress me out. Monday is flying back through the surprisingly pleasant Houston airport. I get in late Monday night and Tuesday is back to the craziness.

In my hours here at Panera, its slowly become a Friday night, which is surprisingly similar to Hoboken - couples start coming out of the woodwork. Only difference is the mean age here is probably 5-10 years younger.


Dawn said...

Here's another guy who does the street painting, but perhaps even better: Kurt Wenner.

thesciencegirl said...

I heart Panera.

Anonymous said...

Haha Davey. Actually, it's a mom, and she doesn't even go to that church. :)

David said...

Haha Anony. Try spelling my name correctly - your misspelling gives away your ID. And, actually, I've seen an email one of the dads sent. And he does go to that church.

Susan in Elk Grove said...

You mean there's more than one spy? ;) Sorry...meant to put my ID. Actually, I'm more of a lurker having fun seeing what's going on in the lives of some of my friends' kids (children? no....offspring? Rats, what term do I use to make it sound like you deserve to be called "Sir"?)
If the parents want to know what's on the blogs, they can see for themselves, right?
BTW, you should've gone skiing Friday...it didn't start raining until around 3.

David said...

Yes, apparently the voyeristic parents are multiplying. Its a little bit like reading your kid's diary. You know where that's at in their bedroom, and if they want to know what's in there, they can certainly look, right?

Certainly - the blogs are out there and free for the parents to find. I never made any attempt to hide mine, but then I never made any attempts to publicize it to anyone, either. Let's just say I didn't think she needed the help :).

And my brother and me were at the foot of Northstar on Friday at 8am, where it did happen to be raining, hence our call-off. Not sure where you went...but I wish I was there.

Susan in Elk Grove said...

My husband and 3 daughters, plus another friend, were at Sierra at Tahoe. Reports were that it was actually warm (relatively speaking). Of course, one of my daughters was working REALLY hard at learning to snowboard, so maybe it just SEEMED warm. :)